June 9, 2014

Group's publication just accepted

Modeling and mutational analysis of Aspergillus nidulans UreA, a member of the subfamily of urea/H+ transporters in fungi and plants.
M. Sanguinetti, S. Amillis, S. Pantano, C. Scazzocchio and A. Ramón

We present the first work on the structure-function relationships of a protein of the subfamily of urea/H+ membrane transporters of fungi and plants, using A. nidulans UreA as a study model. We constructed a 3D model of UreA which, combined with site-directed and classical random mutagenesis, led to the identification of amino acids crucial for urea uptake. Our approach allowed us to suggest roles for these residues in the binding, recognition and translocation of urea and in the sorting of UreA to the membrane