June 7, 2012

FOCEM Course: Introduction to Structural Biology and Bioinformatics

FOCEM Course: Introduction to Structural Biology and Bioinformatics
11 – 15 November 2013 Institut Pasteur de Montevideo, Uruguay.
The Institut Pasteur de Montevideo, in collaboration with the Biomedicine Research Institute of Buenos Aires-Max Planck Society Partner, is organizing a basic Hands on course on Structural Biology and Computational Methods, to take place from 11 to 15 November 2013 at the Institut Pasteur de Montevideo, Uruguay.
The Course will primarily focus on strengths and limitations of experimental and computational science applied to structural biology, with particular emphasis on practical tutorials for non-experts. Speakers of outstanding reputation, on both theoretical and experimental, structural biology, will provide introductive lectures and Hands-on tutorials.

· Structural and Molecular Biology
· X-ray
· Molecular Visualization
· Bioinformatics
· Online Tools for Modeling

Monday 11 – Introduction to Structural Biology

13:30      Registration
14:15      Opening by the Organizers (short description of FOCEM program)
14:30      F. Trajtenberg: Structural Biology: from macromolecular structure to function.
15:30      Coffee Break
16:00     F. Trajtenberg: X ray Crystallography: an overview of the method.
17:30     Get-together party
19:00     Bus departure to Hotel

Tuesday 12 –Structural and Computational Biology

08:30      Bus departure from Hotel to IP
09:00     R. Rasia : Introduction to NMR spectroscopy.
10:30      Coffee Break
11:00      J. Vila: Validation, Determination and Refinement of Protein Structures
12:30      Lunch
14:30     A. Tramontano: Critical assessment of structural bioinformatics methods
16:00     Coffee Break
16:30     A. Tramontano: Applications of Structural Bioinformatics to biomedical problems
17:30      S. Pantano: Accessing to 3D information: A quick tour to the PDB.
18:15     Bus departure to Hotel

Wednesday 13 –Structural Bioinformatics I

08:30     Bus departure from Hotel to IP
09:00     P. Yankilevich: A Bioinformatics Approach to Personalized Medicine
10:00     E. Caffarena. Force fields and Short intro to Molecular Dynamics.
11:00     Coffee Break
11:30     C. Cavasotto: Comparative modelling
12:30     Lunch
15:00    F. Trajtenberg/M. Machado: Molecular Visualization (Hands-on)                             DOWNLOAD TUTORIAL
18:30     Bus departure to Hotel

Thursday 14 – From Modeling to Design

08:30     Bus departure from Hotel to IP
09:00     C. Cavasotto: Computer-aided Drug Discovery and Design
10:30     Coffee Break
11:00     S. Pantano: Biomolecular modeling on line
12:30 - 14:30     Lunch
14:30     Hands-on session: Modeling your system of interest
16:00     Coffee Break
17:30     Bus departure to Hotel

Friday 15 – From biomolecular simulations to design

08:30     Bus departure from Hotel to IP
09:00     Discussion on how to address attendee’s specific  problems
12:30     Closing Remarks, Certificates, etc.

13:00 – Lunch